Just a few seconds are required to revolutionize your blogging ideas dynamically! I’m quite sure that it is quite difficult for a new blogger to find a blog topic to write about. It happened to me while I had started writing blogs. I’m not telling you that I’m fully competent to find topic easily. But somewhat right now I can find a topic to write anyway. Rather it is not too much difficult to find the topic. Several times I have read a lot of blogs and writings on it and I have come up with one basic notion i.e. “it is easy” to find the topic.

I have summarized the ideas into 75 excellent topics that can be beneficial to you. It is very simple and rather easy to find out the blog writing topic. I am extremely certain that after reading my writing you will find these topics easier than you have thought before.

Reviews Type blog post:

You can write your blog on review of anything whatever you like best. You can share your feeling on the review and can give your valuable suggestions as well. There are some topics related to review that are stated below.

  1. Products reviews.
  2. Books reviews
  3. Movies Reviews.
  4. Music reviews.
  5. Software related reviews.
  6. Restaurants and Hotels reviews.
  7. Websites related reviews.

How to: 

You can share tips and tricks related to how-to. Anyway, people will be grateful if you help them accomplish a task. You can write anything related to carry out a task by starting “how-to.” 

  1. How to create a website.
  2. How to start a blog.
  3. How to create a logo.
  4. How to research keywords through SEO.
  5. How to find a location.
  6. How to get rid of anything you know.
  7. How to develop better writing skills.
  8. How to develop communication skills.

 Essays about you:

Every life has a lot of stories. You have come across so many times that might difficult or thrilling or enjoyable. You can share your feeling about yourself and let the world know about you. It can be amazing writing and lead you to write more. Your reader will get some ideas about you as well. So, why are you waiting for? You can start with the following events.

  1. Your memorable experience.
  2. Bitter experience.
  3. Childhood memories.
  4. Your native village
  5. How have you achieved your goals?
  6. Difficulties that you have overcome.
  7. Your success, you have a lot to be proud of.
  8. Funny memories, your reader may like it.
  9. Regression and how you tackle this.
  10. Your failures which make you successful in other ways.
  11. Learned from your past mistakes.
  12. Your favourite movie, song, TV shows etc.


People love lists. For example Top 5 lists, 2 reasons I love this movie etc. You can start with the number and share with your views as well. Let see some of the lists which are given below.

  1. A list of your favourite books.
  2. A list of 10 movies which you may like.
  3. Top 10 list of a blog topic.
  4. A list of achievements of your life.
  5. Top 10 list of learning from reading a particular book.
  6. A list of your memorable events.


Interview related articles are very popular and your reader will like to read. You can interview a prominent figure or expert and write on it and blog the post.

  1. Interview the profile writers.
  2. Interview visitors to your blog.
  3. Interview your teachers.
  4. Interview blog writers.
  5. Interview someone who has specified skills.
  6. Interview team members.
  7. Interview someone who has expertise in any industry.
  8. Interview competitors of a particulars game.

Hobbies and Interest:

This is a place you can write about the hobbies and interest of yourself. People will love to read about those.  You possess a lot of qualities and certainly, you have interest and hobbies as well. As such, you better start with the following topics.

  1. The project you are going to launch.
  2. Photos from your hometown, from your past.
  3. Your pets related post.
  4. You may like travelling. So go on with this.
  5. A short story you have liked.
  6. A movie recently you have watched.
  7. Someone like gardening.
  8. Best places you have visited.

 Media related posts:

You can post that are related to media. You can share videos; any recording related any blogs as well.

  1. Interviews which are captured in the video.
  2. Mp3 files related to any articles.
  3. Powerpoint presentation.
  4. Google Hangout recordings.


adding any articles or news you should have an opinion. So, you can give your opinion and write on it and post it. Your reader will find it worth reading and they can also share their views in this regard. You may agree or disagree or you have a suggestion regarding the articles and you can share and post it. 

  1. Read any magazine and write your opinion.
  2. Read any news from a remarkable newspaper and write on it.
  3. Link to another blog post and discuss on it
  4. Link to a news article and share your opinion.
  5. Give any opinion regarding e-book.
  6. Discuss a current blockbuster movie.
  7. Discuss the most crucial current issues of the country and the world.

Summarize posts:

If you attend a class, seminar, conference, presentation, training, you can summarize the idea and write on it and post it. For this reason, you have to take notes and preserve all the important things so that you can write properly. This will be amazing and your reader will get an idea about the topic.

  1. Summarize a class or training.
  2. Summarize a specific conference session.
  3. Summarize what you learned from a coach or mentor.
  4. Summarize your personal research paper.
  5. Summarize your travelling.
  6. Summarize your recent job.


There are some other topics that may help you write your blogs. I’m sure you will make this possible from this topic as well. There are different types of topic that may come to your mind. List of all those and write on it. You are the judge of yourself whether it will be fine or not. But believe once you start with a topic you can finish it as well. Anyway, some other topics are listed below. 

  1. Your favourite posts from your blogs.
  2. Writers who inspire you.
  3. Daily necessaries.
  4. Your favourite blogs.
  5. Online apps.
  6. Best tutorial on a subject.
  7. Personalities about your idol.
  8. Write about particular groups.
  9. Write about a particular environment.

Now, you may think of writing of any blog from the 75 Amazing Blog Topic Ideas. Yes, I know you can figure it out and write it in your own way. Thank you very much for valuable time and patience.

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